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MeetingPack is promoted by ainia and AIMPLAS.

Alianza ainia-aimplas  
The joint organisation of the most prestigious event of the year 2013 in the field of food plastic packaging is an additional feature of the strategic alliance between each of the partners. Such an alliance aims to offer global solutions to the plastics and packaging industries and also to the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical sectors. With its significant technological potential, the alliance is already a European benchmark of the first order for packaging and, in particular, food plastic packaging.

Why such an alliance?

Innovation in packaging is of huge importance for the plastics sector and also for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries that are users of its products. Packaging is much more than simply the element that contains a product. Today, it plays a vital additional role in protecting the content, extending its shelf life and providing information about its condition. It also plays its part in the marketing and product differentiation strategies, plus, for the consumer, user-friendliness and keeping the product fresh.

It is also a key element in determining sustainability policies. There is a clear tendency towards packaging materials that are more environmentally friendly, where the range of options for renewing, recycling and biodegradation will assume ever more importance.

The complexity of some problems and consumer requirements is stimulating the creation of new models and paradigms in the marketplace. Additionally, the required integration of knowledge and technology together make possible far-reaching technological developments and integrated, creative services where different lines of work and specialisation converge.


Both now and in the future, companies require ever more new products and services even though most already have at their disposal a huge range of choice. To discriminate within this wide choice requires time, knowledge and a degree of risk taking. For this reason, more and more companies ask for a single point of contact and a fully integrated service.

This alliance of ours is specifically designed to offer integrated solutions to a company’s current requirements. It offers the most complete and competitive global range of creative services for the entire value chain of plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.